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Mannheim Business School offers a number of partial scholarships to outstanding candidates. Improve your chances by sending us your application as early as possible.

Art der Förderung

Partial Scholarship


Scholarship for Outstanding Candidates

  • At least 10 years of postgradual work experience
  • At least 5 years of leadership/management experience
  • At least a position as team leader or project manager with subordinates
  • A broad international exposure (>24 months stay abroad, family background/native english-speaking, international work environment)
  • 100% self-funded, i.e. will not receive any financial support from employer

Scholarship for Women in Business

This scholarship underlines Mannheim Business School's dedication to increase the number of women in executive positions. Women who can prove a track record of outstanding achievements in their professional lives or in respect of their social commitments can apply for this scholarship.


We will be pleased to advise you personally. Application on a separate form is required. In order to apply for one of the exclusive scholarships, please contact our Admissions Manager for the Executive MBA Programs, Nilgün Vatansever. She will send you the scholarship application form.

Weitere Informationen


  • Allgemeine Förderung (Lebenshaltungskosten)


  • Deutschland


  • Frauen
  • Ausländische Studierende


  • Studium

Angestrebter Abschluss

  • Master

Geförderte Fachrichtungen

  • allgemein: Rechts- und Wirtschaftswissenschaften


Mannheim Business School
L 5, 6
68131 Mannheim

Telefon: +49 621 181-1281
Telefax: +49 621 181-1278
E-Mail: goedker@mba-mannheim.com

Internet: www.mannheim-business-school.com


Nilgün Vatansever
Telefon: +49 621 181-3721
E-Mail: vatansever@mannheim-business-school.com
Internet: www.mannheim-business-school.com/en/mba-master/mannheim-executive-mba/admissions/

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