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Latvian state scholarships and fellowships

Fellowships for Research


Citizens from countries which have concluded an agreement with Latvia or offer scholarships for Latvian citizens and academic staff can apply for the Latvian state scholarships.

The fellowship is granted for a time period of up to 5 months.

In general, the academic year in Latvia lasts from 1st September to 30th June.

Art der Förderung

Awarded time period
*From 14 days up to 5 months

Amount of the scholarship
*Daily allowance 30 € per day
*For accommodation 300 € per month


Only academic and scientific staff of foreign higher education and research institutions are eligible candidates for the Latvian state fellowship for research.

*Upon request, the host higher education institution provides the fellowship holder with a place in a dormitory or a guesthouse. Requests for accommodation in the international student dormitories must be submitted one month before arrival to the respective higher education or a scientific institution. Alternatively, foreign researchers may consider renting an apartment in the city.

*The Latvian fellowship cannot be awarded concurrently with other scholarships.

*Travel expenses from a home country to Latvia and back are not covered by the Latvian research fellowship.

*Fellowship holders are required to make their own arrangements for insurance coverage.


*An applicant must receive a letter of acceptance for the field of the research from the Latvian HEI or research institution prior to the application for fellowship.

*The letter of acceptance for the field of the research from the Latvian HEI or research institution needs to be provided by the designated contact person*.

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Latvian state scholarships and fellowships
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