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Scholarship and support programme (STIBET)


Using funding from the Federal Foreign Office, the DAAD offers universities a combined scholarship and support programme (STIBET). Under the STIBET programme, the DAAD provides funding to universities so that they can award scholarships and offer social and subject-related support to foreign students.

STIBET’s overarching objective is to make a contribution towards improving the academic success rate of foreign students.

Art der Förderung

Generally €300 per month at HFU for 2 – 4 months at HFU


All degree-seeking international students enrolled in bachelor's or master's programmes are eligible.

Graduation scholarship:

  • Students have achieved good grades and graduation is expected within one year
  • Graduation Scholarship can be granted for a maximum of six months
  • Scholarships for students who have shown a high level of commitment to fellow-students:

Students have achieved good grades and have demonstrated commitment in an international context at the university:

  • Scholarship can be granted for 12 months
  • In exceptional cases an extension may be granted.


Application deadlines:
Applications are received twice a year provided the funds are granted by the DAAD. Application deadlines are generally during the beginning of March and September.

Application documents:
The following documents are required in order to apply for this scholarship:

  • Application form
  • CV (European format)
  • Certificate of enrolment
  • Current transcript of records stating all exams (passed and not passed)
  • Copy of passport incl. residence permit
  • Letter of recommendation by a professor (only applicable for Graduation Scholarship)

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Angestrebter Abschluss

  • Bachelor
  • Master

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Hochschule Furtwangen University (HFU)
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Telefon: +49 7723 920-0
Internet: www.hs-furtwangen.de


Brigitte Minderlein
Telefon: +49 7723 920-1310
Internet: www.hs-furtwangen.de/en/planning/international/international-students/

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