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Munich Aerospace PhD Scholarship: Future aircraft fleet composition and market forecast methods considering capacity constraints at airports


The global air transport system has seen significant growth rates over recent decades and forecasts for air traffic development predict a global average growth of + 5 % per year, with regions such as Asia and South America growing faster than average. This strong growth has the consequence that aviation will double in 15 years provided that the air transport system also provides sufficient capacity. One of the biggest capacity constraints are the airports, especially the capacity of runway systems and terminal buildings. Most of the currently available aviation market development models and especially fleet development methods do not consider future capacity constraints of airports. Prominent examples showing their impact on the airport´s fleet composition are London Heathrow in Europe (LHR) or Beijing (PEK) in Asia. The Munich Aerospace “Aviation Management” group consisting of researchers of University of German Armed Forces, Technical University Munich and Bauhaus Luftfahrt, is working on the future long-term development of aviation. Focus within this group is set on modelling external factors like socio-economic, ecological and political drivers on future airline operations, airport processes and aircraft fleet compositions under various scenarios. In our group you will find demanding and creative tasks within the excellent scientific environment of a highly motivated PhD Team. Promotion opportunity is given for all PhD positions. Female candidates and foreign students with good knowledge and command of German language are welcome.

Research Topic:
Your analysis will cover the current airport capacity situation and determine future airport capacity expansion plans worldwide. With a review of historical development and future forecasts of aviation growth, airport capacity usage, fleet and flight distribution, you will be responsible to develop methods of demand in transport capacity and their supply by aircraft operations. Methods will include how growth was enabled by frequency distribution between airports, airlines, flight schedules and operating aircraft. These methods will further enhance the existing fleet model by implementing airport capacity constraints. Finally, you will run various case studies under various economic, political and technological conditions to assess the impact of capacity constraints on overall market forecast methods and fleet distribution.

Art der Förderung

Munich Aerospace scholarships are awarded for a period of three years. The monthly scholarship according to the Munich Aerospace scholarship directives is € 1,575 (tax free upon § 3 no. 44 EStG). Munich Aerospace scholarship holders are entitled to attend the Munich Aerospace Graduate School and have access to special events and trainings. An additional grant of up to € 6,100 per year will be available to cover expenses that are directly related to the PhD project (e.g. textbooks, laptop, conference travels, MVV card, housing subsidy).


You should have an excellent university degree (Dipl.-Ing. or master's degree, not older than 3 years) in Aviation Management, Software Development or Aerospace Engineering. A profound knowledge of aviation stakeholders, interactions and historical development is required. Good knowledge in software tools like MATLAB or modern programming languages like JAVA and statistical analysis of large datasets (e.g. SPSS, STATA or R) are welcome. An ability to work independently, willingness of interdisciplinary cooperation and good German and English skills are required.


If you are interested please send a full curriculum vitae, a motivation letter and full academic records including final school certificate to kay.ploetner@bauhaus-luftfahrt.net

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