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Munich Aerospace PhD Scholarship: Efficient Waveforms for Satellite Links with Severe Delay Constraints


Satellite and terrestrial communication applications with short data blocks are gaining importance. For example, command and control for safety and security often require short commands with stringent delay and reliability constraints. The delay and reliability are affected by the choice of the channel code, modulation, waveform, amplifier, and by how they are combined.

The objective of this project is to understand the information-theoretic limits of these choices for severe latency constraints. Specifically, the project will focus on the design and analysis of time- and bandwidth efficient waveforms in combination with amplifier constraints for satellite channels. The project participants should interact closely with a parallel project at DLR that focuses on code design and channel estimation. The two projects should achieve a holistic understanding of communication links that include error control coding, modulation, and waveform design as related to satellite channels.

Art der Förderung

The Munich Aerospace scholarship is typically awarded for a 3-year period. The funding is 1575€/month based on the Munich Aerospace regulations, including the opportunity to participate in training in the Munich Aerospace graduate school. Funding for conferences and publications is available. Interested candidates should submit via email a cover letter, curriculum vitae, and academic records to the persons listed below.


Master in electrical/computer engineering or a similar engineering field; completion of digital communications and information theory courses; programming skills in Matlab and C/C++.

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